fashionSTYLE Magazine

fashionSTYLE was described by a blogger as “the region’s most power social tool for reaching the serious fashionista!” Their wide-reaching influence stems from various sources, including the persona and achievements of its most famous editor and publisher, Lamont and Jeana Bowling. Often described as the “Fashion Power Couple” their various charitable and community projects, their pure love for the fashion industry and their ability to pioneer into the industry has placed them amongst the who’s who in the Philadelphia, New Jersey fashion scene. 

fashionSTYLE Magazine was created as an industry publication in 2005 with the concept of bringing high end fashion reports to retailers that served a younger consumer. “There is a community of young people, ages 18 – 25 that don’t always wear baggy jeans and boots, leggins and a big sweater. There are young people that like to look elegant. That likes to dress before they go out.” “The 18 – 25 year olds are our largest consumers in the retail clothing industry, let’s give them more options than collegiate sweaters and fitted baseball caps.”

During the next few years, fashionSTYLE transitioned away from an industry print publication into an online publication that directly served its younger readers. The magazine now included articles on style, fashion events, casting calls, hair and makeup preparation and celebrity blogging.’s quick transition immediately opened doors and introduce its pages to a world wide audience. 

fashionSTYLE Magazine has been sponsors in several fashion events that include Virgin Island Fashion Week, regional fashion networking events, designer trunk shows, the PINK fashion Show and the first ever fashion week and Fashion’s Night Out to Atlantic City. Atlantic City Fashion Week is now a staple in the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia region with shows in September and in February.

Through our sponsored fashion events, direct web site and social media, global market numbers in the hundreds of thousands. 
fashionSTYLE also uses its industry clout for good causes, including toy drives, help for the homeless and it’s most notable, PINK fashion Show which raises awareness to breast cancer. 
The future for fashionSTYLEmagazine is endless! We will continue to announce, produce and sponsor fashion events that will take our readers to every end of the world. We are always looking for young innovation and creativity. The world is our runway…